The Indian cuisines offers delicious meals for all kinds of people, vegetarians and non-vegetarians, Spicy, medium and mild seasoning food lovers. Curry, Coconut, & Tandoori lovers. Bombay Inn has become unique for its wide choice of menu while assuring quality food, your free choice of seasoning for any dish, and for its the extraordinary atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else in the cosmo-politan city Brussels.

“I picked up my indian tea this morning perhaps for the thousandth time, realising how gratefull Iam to be able to offer our culinary wellness formula. I am proud to see that our customers are coming back again and again, several times a year, monthy or weekly even for 5, 10 years or even longer. I am looking at the result of our enquete form, which we regularly hand out to our customers. With a great smile on my face I realise that more than 80% of the newcomers to Bombay Inn have been referred by someone else. I am happy and proud to be the creator of this culinary wellness formula, the owner of this extraordinary place. I, Tipu, am supported by fabulous staff who helps me to assure continuous quality and the sense of feeling at home and my wife Livia Németh, who ensures the external look, image, communication, and the atmosphere next to her busy professional life as a personal development coach, speaker and workshopleader.

Now more than ever Brussels, where people from hundreds of nationalities gather, work, and live from all over the world need a place like this.The Bombay Inn continues to be the venue of choice to enjoy indian culinary wellness and the good things in life.It is my goal to provide, at the highest level, a place where everyone is welcome. Where the experience is never forgotten, and their next visit is eagerly anticipated. We are looking forward to serving you soon.

Kind regards,

Ataur Rahman, Managing Director